Our impact

Range of Compost Toilets

With the help of volunteers ,their aid has helped us build t Compost Toilets and set them up to the needy community

Fran Berman

Her donation has helped us build Compost Toilets and she also donated workshop tools.

Gina Woodhill

She has helped us build Compost toilets.

Michael Schwepe

His great assistance has helped us built Compost Toilets and also he donated workshop tools

Training and installation

We have managed to install and train the community and schools on usage of the new compost toilets.

Nairobi Kangemi

Public Sanitation: We trained the community on how to use and make their own home manure .

Western Kenya

Public Education: We were installing compost bins.

Maroon Academy -Western Kenya

We installed compost toilet to an existing toilet building


Our able team of Volunteers have played a major part in Building and installing the Compost Toilets.

Building the Compost Bins

The top left picture shows how a compost bin is constructed

Building toilet

Top right pictures shows a carpenter building a toilet where compost toilet will be installed.

Building Compost toilet Construct

The bottom left picture shows one of our team member building compost toilets.

Toilet delivery to School

We have built ,installed and trained school pupils on the usage of Compost Toilets.

Harvesting Saw Dust

Saw dust is used in the compost toilet to prevent bad smell

Pupils receiving the Toilets

Pupils receiving the compost toilets at Maroon Academy Western Kenya.

Carpentry Training

We have trained communities on Carpentry as part of creating jobs to the youths in Kenya.