How Humanure Kenya Began

    Kenya as a country and so many African countries and Western countries are facing problems with steadily increasing number of people (population) some of whom live in grass thatched houses and others semi-permanent /permanent. In rural areas one to have a good clean toilet is a problem to local people.

    There is always good Samaritans somewhere in the world the major reason is that, the project need to make every family in rural areas be clean from his/her home having a good clean toilet Huts and pit slabs. The amount of space taken by the clean pit slabs is really small. Reason, human excreta always contain large numbers of micro-organisms, some of which may cause diarrhorea diseases such as cholera, typhoid and Hepatitis A.

    When people defecate in the open air, there are numerous ways through which these micro-organisms can get into food and water. Once in food, their numbers can increase rapidly in a few hours.

    Disposing of excreta safely, isolating it from flies and other insects and preventing fecal contamination of water supplies would greatly reduce the spread of disease. One of the more cost effective ways of excreta disposal is the ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine.

    Now this situation causes a lot of problems to children who are supposed to be in school with a good health.

    In order to support these communities in rural areas and can improve the standards of sanitation we need support. We shall need donors to come and visit the ground is open

    In April 2011 Samson Muhalia has worked with habitat for Humanity Kenya building shelters in rural areas, Western and Eastern Province. The toilets were a big problem to the home owner. In every home a house we construct a house the dirtiest part was the toilets in the home, even some go to bushes and some give you a hoe to dig a hole for a long call.

    I decided to start this project using the experience I saw in the field in two provinces I worked in and I found that I’m the one to solve that problem if I get support.

    I went to ABERETUM in Nairobi and found there mobile toilets of which I had to ask the management of the forest where it come from and I was told I had to decide and visited the factory which is making the mobile toilets. There is wherein got and decided to start the project.

    The director of the factory told me after a long discussion of which he told me this will be the first project in Kenya if it can succeed and may be in the world of which he has never heard it. After that I went to my community in rural area to call the church leader and villager elder of which I had a meeting and I choose 6 members 2 women 2 youth 2 men top education on toilets huts and pit slabs. The meeting was done on 30th April of which we had 37 members attended.

    Then we got a full report from village elders, chiefs and assistant chiefs of the area. The announcement therefore started that there was need for individuals , NGO’s other organizations bodies and church to close in hand with the government to fight back this project of home clean toilet project in our area. The community appointed me to initiate and manage the project on its behalf.

    From April 2011 to May 2011 we had 63 members who had been educated about the toilet in our location of which covers 17 km sq .four schools were in need of.

    The members were educated that the mobile toilets huts& pit slaps will be a matching strategy. The toilet huts &pity slaps will be on mortgage payment s in order; the mortgage paid will purchase the same to another homeowner (revolving fund)

    I’m a Christian with the African divine church in Kenya and my home village Kapkures sub location, Matunda location of Uasin Gishu district Rift valley province.

    I have worked  with NGO known as Habitat for humanity international as an affiliate  coordinator in the field and then promoted to the project manager  in western province and eastern province in rural areas where people stay with their own problems nobody solve them.

    I felt that the community must be helped to make them responsible throughout their lives. We are looking for ways to approach donors and NGO’S to come and help us to get start the project.

    Home clean toilet huts & pity slabs project will assist major villages and schools which have no good toilets in rural areas.

    I’m therefore praying that may all members of the public understand this programme well. Support it in always and team up with us that we can succeed in supporting themselves.

    I am totally sure that the problem of mobile toilets, Huts and pit slabs can be solved if only the participants of this programme in Kenya can have a Godly vision and come up with all the strength to help this family who obviously be useful and responsible members of the society in future. But if they just left like that, without support it will be very expensive to buy his or her own. Above all, the country is loosing manpower it need for future progress when these families fail to meet proper Health.

    Why the project started.

    As dedicated Christians we live with people, we stay among people in community; we make some tours in different places teaching people, telling the community to be helpful to other people who need help in the society. Through all these we have been seeing problems facing community but nobody bothers to assist. You will find that this families face a lot of problems when to any of the ceremony in the home, many of them dig a small pit and cover it with papers in order to use , even some people leave the home and go to help themselves on the road side. Please let’s solve this problem with the Home Clean Toilet Huts & pit slabs project. We have conducted a very extensive fieldwork by visiting the people who are living with toilets problems and noted so many problems and hardship that these community meet, let Home Clean Toilet Huts & Pit Slabs project solve it. (HCTHP)

    1. You will find that:

    The permanent Toilet is being constructed by wealth people. It costs 30,000 plus digging the pit. The problem with that Toilet is that when the pit is full the cement and bricks is wasted even the materials used becomes weak let Home Clean Toilet Huts & Pit Slabs project solve it.(HCTHP)

    The semi-permanent Toilet cost 16,000 this one is the worst of which the life span is low, the slab of trees they use they decay and causes them to be risky to the family and if it reaches to that stage is when they tell children around the side of a house and most of the materials are very expensive let Home Clean Toilet Huts & Pit Slabs project solve it. (HCTHP)

    Home clean toilet project will assist God’s people in need to have clean Home Clean Toilet Huts & Pit Slabs on revolving fund.

    After all the information above, we failed because we couldn’t get any support from anywhere.

    In the year 2016, I Samson Muhalia googled to the Toilets page and came across Humanure compost toilets. It was under Joe Jenkins with Marsha. I had to text them and asked how these toilets are working because I was interested to Humanure compost toilets. Then, Marsha Tillia directed me to Alissa Puga Keesey, program director for GiveLove organisation. Alissa directly arranged for a workshop in Nairobi and Western Kenya to mobilize the community to be educated about Humanure compost toilets. That is how Humanure Kenya started and it is now ongoing.


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